Hair Colour

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Loreal Colour Price List


Semi-Permanent / Conditioning

Chromative (Colour Boost) £15.00
Pastel Toner £15.00
Cover 5 (gents) £15.00
Glossing (6-8 Weeks Colouring) £25.00
Glossing (1+ application) £35.00



Regrowth  £35.00
 Full Head £45.00
Add Floodlights Up To 10 Packets £15.00
Add Floodlights Up To 15 Packets £20.00


Inoa ( Ammonia-Free) 

Regrowth £44.00
Full Head £54.00


Platinium Premium Blondes 

Full Head  £54.00
Regrowth  £44.00
Toner is additional



Highlights Half Head Full Head Director of Colour – Anne
Short £39.50 £45.50 £40.00 – £47.00
Medium £45.40 £55.50 £46.00 – £57.00
Long £55.00 £70.00 £56.50 – £73.00
Partial £38.00
Additional charge for platinum £5.00


Colour Change Packages

The director of colour Anne has achieved a credit award from L’Oreal colour specialists.
We create a bespoke colour service perfect for your hair, this will give 100% condition and maximise lifetime of colour, we offer a
complimentary consultation with our stylists in salon.
All new colour clients with Concept will require a complimentary skin test at least 48hrs prior to colour application.


Colour Change/Correction

Gentle Cleanse (Recommended every 6 months to existing colour clients) £20.00
Deep Cleanse (Colour removal) £25.00
Additional packets of effasor £8.00
Colour correction price on consultation
Application by colour expert only


Upgrade your colour package

Bronze £10.00
Full hair and scalp analysis colour consultation plus express Kerastase
ritual with heated eye mask followed by head massage.
Silver add £28.00 to colour service
Full hair, scalp analysis colour consultation – colour refresh cleanse –
prescribed hair spa ritual with heated eye mask followed by head massage.
Gold add £77.00 to colour service
Full consultation of hair, scalp condition, colour selection and
application by the director team, prescriptive hair spa ritual with heated
eye mask and head massage, cut and finish with directors & home care
products full size bathe and care range for your hair.